Monday, July 24, 2017


So recently, I received a lovely package from none other the Die Laughing Records head honcho's. I opened up the package and pulled out 3 of  DLR's newest release's. I took a look at the 3 CD's and said well this is going to be fun.
So, I thought to myself what do I want to explore first, Hmm, Some hard choice's here actually. I decided to dive into "The Unfortunate Bastard" "Hobo Circus". Now I am already aware of this project since I actually bought the digital EP last year.
So, with that said I was really looking forward to this. In case you don't know, Ill put you in the know! Haw! The Unfortunate Bastard is a side project by none other than Dave Dalton of the Screaming Bloody Mary's, Cell Block 5, And Dick and Jane.
With this project he takes on a Americana type direction. So if you know me, you know I really enjoy that style of music. So, I grabbed my CD the next morning and headed off to work. Popped it on and within' second's I felt like ole Dave was in my truck with his guitar.
I cranked up the stereo and headed on down the lonely highway to work. With the Unfortunate Bastard as my soundtrack of the morning. I fell in love instantly with this soon to be classic. On this fine release Dave enlist some help with a number of the songs. By some of his musician friends.
You will find the likes of Rock Legends The Dwarves Blag Dahlia, Knox of The Vibrators, and some others as well. All in all this is a great listen and should be enjoyed by anyone who love's music. 

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